Unifying the County’s High School Districts

Young kids should stay close to home, but high school students are old enough to travel throughout Bergen County to the high schools they choose. Choice and competition allows a more diverse mix of institutions to thrive. Let us bring choice to Bergen County schools so that the educational options reflect the diversity of our population.

Different high schools could focus on different educational options. Some might become leaders in STEM education. Others might offer language courses that cannot be supported with a student population from one town alone. An arts high school might emerge drawing on students from all parts of the county. A high school emphasizing sports and healthcare might do the same in another town. Business might be the specialty at yet another school. Merging the high school districts into one consolidated county wide high school district will create the economy of scale necessary to make all these options available to our teenagers.

The following vlog post gives you a sense of my values, my educational philosophy, and why I’m running for Bergen County Freeholder. Please spread the word and provide your input. Even if the Libertarian Party decides to reject me as a candidate, they might champion my platform if the public supports it.

Check out the next video for the reasons for consolidating the high school districts in Bergen County rather than relying on home rule.